• Cancer Treatment:

    A Large Global Industry

    We’re ready to launch a large and leading medical device manufacturing business, in partnership with a regional government, and local medical and academic communities.

  • 1 in 2 people will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime.

    1 in 5 people will succumb to some form of the disease.

    Cancer treatment is a large and growing industry.  

    The rapid growth of specialized cancer treatment centers, in more remote locations, is key to improving treatment access and results.


    Patient positioning is a critical component of the radiation treatment process.


    New high dosage, high precision radiotherapy cancer treatments require next generation positioning products. We have one of the industry’s proven designers and thought leaders ready to build the new paradigm.

  • Current patient positioning offerings have not kept pace with the rapid progress in cancer treatment technologies and processes.


    Recent advancements in cancer treatment – esp. in proton and image-guided therapies - are restrained by current device limitations.


    A next generation design, far more integrated into the emerging treatment processes and technologies, will make the previous generations of patient positioning devices obsolete. 


    The Opportunity 

    Launch a next generation patient positioning manufacturing business, in partnership with a regional government, and local medical and academic communities.

    18 Months

    Amount of time from regional partnership to delivery of first orders.


    Amount of capital required to manufacture, fine-tune, sell and deliver the first orders.


    Annual contribution to the regional partner economy by the end of Year 3.

  • Ready to Launch

    We have industry-leading product design, significant manufacturing and operations expertise, a detailed and proven implementation strategy, and a 5-year operating plan, with attractive financials.

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    Product Expertise

    Our group includes one of the patient positioning industry’s leading product designers, with products in hundreds of cancer centers, including Sloan Kettering.

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    Manufacturing Expertise

    Significant experience founding and running a patient positioning company, with direct responsibility for product design and production, and industry and regulatory approvals.

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    Operations Expertise

    Direct responsibilty for the processes and procedures related to product manufacture in the medical devices industry, including quality control, design changes, material and machine changes, testing and training, shipping and storage.

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    Global Reach

    Capstream has a large global network of partners, senior contacts, and friends across multiple industries.

  • Next Steps

    Goal: Establish a leading patient positioning manufacturing company

    Timeframe: 18-24 months

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    Choose a Partner Region

    The right combination of government, medical, and academic to build a world beater.

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    Choose an Investment Partner

    Debt or equity. Comfortable making investments in medical sciences, initally in the $5-$10m (USD) range.

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    Establish Operations

    A 10,000+ square foot facility. R&D, followed by manufacturing, approvals and testimonials, and then machines, operators, administrators, and shippers.

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    Establish Sales & Marketing

    Drawing upon years of industry experience and conversations, employ an innovative and compassionate sales approach to reach deeply into the decision-making bodies of leading cancer centers.

  • The Results

    A significant number of regional jobs

    A regional reputation for precision device development and manufacture

    Potential downstream partnerships with the large companies developing the leading radiotherapy methods (Varian, Royal Philips, Siemens)