• Owners

    We work with business owners to bring forward options - to grow revenues; to get more efficient; to resolve disputes; to exit.

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    Advice and Solutions. Sales & Marketing. New Products & Business Lines. Mergers & Acquisitions.

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    Honest assessments of what is working and what is not. Options for efficiency. Options to get rid of the dead weight.

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    Get past the personalities and move forward. A professional and widely recognized dispute resolution process focused on mutual respect and hard agreements.

  • Investors

    We're connectors with large networks across multiple industries. We come across a lot of investment opportunities and a lot of new ways of doing things - especially with the emergence of SaaS and AI.

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    Access to exclusive, high-potential ventures and investment opportunities. Access to our large network of entrepreneurs & innovators, capital partners, investment management firms and family offices.

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    New Markets

    Leveraging our vast networks and our knowledge of new developments across multiple industries, we offer insights and opportunities for diversification in emerging markets and new products and paradigms.

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    Innovative Structures

    Through our vast network of partnerships and syndicates, we bring forward innovative capital solutions, deal structures and financial products to fit various funding requirements.

  • Operators

    We're former COO/CTOs. We work with Operations and IT leaders to find scale; to simplify & automate; to mitigate risk.

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    Operating Solutions

    We establish seamless and scalable operations and technology platforms, including expert guidance and support through every stage of the setup process.

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    Process Re-engineering

    We revamp and optimize existing operational frameworks, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness to meet ever-evolving industry standards.

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    We bring forward a large network of acclaimed service providers and outsourcing solutions to optimize costs and increase operational flexibility while maintaining quality standards.